Covid-19 Information Page

Thank you all for your support, care and sense of community over recent events, the school may be closed to most but we are here now and always to help everyone in our family to overcome the most difficult of circumstances.
This page is here for you, and our support is here at all times to keep our community strong, safe and connected in every way we can.
We think that everyone has now taken on board how to access all of the work our teachers are providing on a daily basis. If you have any questions or problems in accessing that or any other information, we are here to help in any way we can. Just use the button below to contact us or send an email to and we will respond as soon as we can. The school telephone switchboard will be closing.

In the mean time, it is the feast day of St Oscar Romero, he who said ‘aspire not to have more but to be more’

Official Guidance

In terms of advice and guidance regarding the Covid-19 virus, it is important to ensure that you access the correct and current information through official channels. Below are selected links to help find the information relevant to you.

NHS Covid-19 Information Page
NHS Corona Virus Service
UK Government Covid-19 Information Page

Contacting the School

Should you questions related to education related matters such as accessing work, technical support with accessing or completing work or similar matters, please begin by checking the FAQ section below.
As a school we are unable to advise or guide on any healthcare related matters, please see OFFICIAL GUIDANCE section for more information related to this.

My child is self isolating, what should I do next?

As school is now closed to all students, except those children offered a place as their parents are key workers or they are what the DfE has termed 'vulnerable', please follow the guidance for self isolation. Please continue to check the Show My Homework link daily for details of work to be completed"

How do I access work suitable for my child?

The sections below give guidance and support in terms of learning tasks and projects that can be completed during the period of self isolation.
We will b e developing bespoke learning tasks for pupils via Show My Homework over the coming time.

Can my child access the school to collect books/equipment etc?

We have made provision for all students to receive their books so that they can undertake their learning at home and record responses in their books. This was really successful. If your child/children did not collect their books, please email and we will attempt to do what we can BUT please note that given the restrictions that have been imposed on unnecessary travel, it may not be possible to do this and so we would suggest that students create a word document to record their work and then save this. We have made text books available via show my homework for student reference. we have also sent work home for those who have informed us they do not have internet access.

What is happening about trips and visits?

All school trips have been cancelled and at this stage we await government guidance about when we will be able to plan future educational visits. As soon as the situation changes, we will update you here.
For the trips that we had scheduled, we remain in contact with the tour operators and as soon as we have any details of resultant financial reimbursement or otherwise, we will share this with those affected as soon as we are able to.

What is happening about external exams?

The Dfe have confirmed that for this year all examinations have been suspended. The arrangements for how grades will be awarded is still being finalised and we will update those students affected as soon as we are able to. In the meantime, students should continue to complete their work as there is the distinct likelihood that there will be the OPTION to take the GCSE exams when the situation is resolved - this is not expected to be before the summer - so our advice would be for students to continue to complete their work as this will ensure that if they are doing subjects post-16 then they will at least have completed the course and will have as wide a knowledge base as possible for when they start in Year 12.

What is happening about Free School Meals?

We have already sent out vouchers to the families of children in receipt of free school meals and will continue to do so.

Advice on children home alone.

The law doesn’t say an age when parents can leave a child on their own, but it is an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk. Parents should be provided with a link to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC):

  • children under 12 are rarely mature enough to be left alone for a long period of time
  • children under 16 shouldn’t be left alone overnight
  • babies, toddlers and very young children should never be left alone

I have a question not answered in the FAQ…

Please email your question or query to
We will respond as soon as possible and may add the answer to the FAQ.

We are UNABLE to respond to medical / healthcare matters.

Work for Pupils


Show My Homework

Teachers will be setting individual work for pupils vis Show My Homework throughout the period of closure, please ensure you are checking daily.

If you are having difficulty logging in or accessing specific homework, you can access the whole school homework calendar HERE and search for the work specific to you.


GCSEPod is available to all pupils to support revision, deeper learning and distance learning and is the perfect starting point for all pupils in Key Stage 4 to cement their learning.

Pupils are encouraged to investigate independently the areas relevant to their subjects to study.

Your child has already been registered with GCSEPod, so all they need to do is activate their account by following the instructions below. If your child has already activated but can’t remember their username and password, please ask them to contact a member of staff.

1) Go to and click “Login” in the top right-hand corner
2) Click “New here? Get started.”
3) Select “Student”
4) Enter your child’s name, date of birth and the school name.
5) Create a username, password, and a password hint to help them remember the password.

School Email

The school email system is available to all pupils to support communication with teachers throughout the period of closure. You can access this HERE

Open Office

To support those pupils without access to Microsoft Office, Open Office is a fantastic free alternative. Access it HERE

Additional Work

Snow Closure Work Pack
Whilst not originally intended for a closure of this nature, the booklet attached below contains a wide range of learning tasks that can be completed independently throughout the period of closure.
Download the pack HERE

Higher Ability Work Packs
Should your child wish to access our higher ability project packs please download the pack HERE

Safeguarding and Wellbeing


If you are worried about a child and you think they are in immediate danger or at risk of severe harm, call 999.
If you are concerned about a child’s welfare, contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0300 456 0108 where lines are open from 9.00am to 4pm or the out of hours duty team on 0300 456 0100 which is open from 5pm to 9.00am.

Support for Parents

You can find a wide range of support and guidance for parents HERE

Emotional Well Being

Up until March 31st, the school continues to work in partnership with online counselling and advice service Kooth which can be accessed via
After April 1st 2020
Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group have recently changed how children and young people are supported earlier to prevent escalation of mental health disorders.

A new service will go live on 1 April 2020 offering the following to Wiltshire’s 5 to 18-year olds:

1. Information, advice and guidance
2. Online and face-to-face counselling
3. Navigation to positive activities in the community/social inclusion

It will also deliver information, advice and support to parents/carers who are concerned about their child’s mental health and wellbeing.

The new service provider is Barnardo’s, which will offer access to the new service via, as well as by aligning closely with the single point of access to Oxford Health’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

More information about addressing emotional wellbeing and mental health at school can be found on the Wiltshire Healthy Schools website

Social Media

We understand that during this period of closure it is highly likely that children will spend significant amounts of time on devices communicating with friends on digital devices. To help support parents in managing children on these devices we would recommend the advice provided by the Internet Matters website.
In addition to Internet matters, please note that KCSIE advice and guidance signposts CEOPS or the Internet Watch Foundation for reporting of cyber-harm or criminal activity

Get Reading

To help with downtime from devices, and the possibility of not being able to go outside, nothing beats a good book! We would like to suggest The Book People as a source of an excellent range of reading for all ages at incredible prices!

Stay Active

Staying indoors can be a frustrating time for young people with energy to burn!!
There are a great range of exercise routines that everyone can do to stay active and burn off some of that excess energy HERE.

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