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Our Senior Prefects

The Prefect team comprises of year 10 and 11 students who have been successfully selected to represent the school body, not only on a daily basis, but on opening evenings and wider community events including Diocesan occasions. They are a wonderful group of willing, conscientious and enthusiastic pupils who are always prepared to aid and assist in school life.

The senior prefect team comprises of: Lewis Proctor, Head Boy; Amelia Scott, Head Girl; Joshua Dyer, Deputy Head Boy and Maisie Ramsay, Deputy Head Girl. They were successfully elected into their role after a mock election, a rigorous interview with Mrs Ridley and a staff vote. This team are an excellent  example of the St Joseph’s ‘expectation’ as they are all conscientious, hardworking and motivated individuals. As senior prefects, they will represent the   student body at many events throughout the year including open evenings and diocesan mass.

The main prefect team works diligently to ensure that St Joseph’s is a pleasant and safe place for students by gently reminding peers of expectations. In  addition they are ambassadors on opening evenings and mornings. More importantly they have chosen to act as positive role models for all in the school community. In time, it is envisioned that some prefects will be attached to departments to aid in the learning of students within all subject areas in school.

Amelia Scott, Head Girl
My name is Amelia Scott and I am the new Head Girl at St Joseph’s Catholic School. I am a strong believer in the power of     support. Therefore, in my new role, I would like to give prefects a more community-based position in our school. This could       include form prefects for the lower years or subject prefects who will be available to the pupils to discuss ideas for clubs or other activities within the school. I promise that I will be a head girl who will be caring, approachable, understanding and above all, I will be a head girl who will work hard for the benefit of the whole school.

Maisie Ramsey, Deputy Head Girl
My name is Maisie Ramsay and I am St Joseph’s Catholic School new Deputy Head Girl. Now I have this new role I am going to alter a few things around the school. For example making prefects buddies for anyone who needs it. Allowing the older pupils to be more interactive with the younger students like year 7’s. Also having more masses and keeping the catholic momentum up throughout the school. I am very excited to have this new role and will be doing my best for the school. I am a keen and organised pupil who is friendly and approachable. I am very honoured to be the new Deputy Head Girl and proud to represent St Joseph’s Catholic School.

Lewis Proctor, Head Boy
My name is Lewis Proctor and I am the new Head Boy at St Joseph’s Catholic School. My main desire to bring to this school is a student counselling service in which pupils can talk one on one with students that are trained to help. As Head Boy I am going to be trying my absolute hardest to make every child’s experience as St Joseph’s a positive one.

Joshua Dyer, Deputy Head Boy
Hi, my name is Joshua Dyer. I am the Deputy Head Boy at St Joseph’s Catholic School. I am here to help set a good example for the school along with the rest of you. As Deputy Head Boy, I would like to make sure that every pupil is happy within the school environment and also happy throughout the school day.

Leaders promote the positive ethos where everyone is included
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