Social Connection Page

OK, so yes, this situation is keeping us away from all the people, places and things that we love. Does that mean we have to lose our community? Our sense of connection? NO!

We will listen to every idea you have to help us come through this stronger, happier, more connected and better than we thought possible.

The Important Bit!!!!!

Well there is no way to avoid it, you have to avoid people!! Now for me its a hobby, for some its difficult but either way it is essential!!!
Please take the time to look at the maths below to figure out why.


Competition Time!!

The Diocese are running fantastic competitions every fortnight to keep you all engaged (maybe take a break from the normal work!!)
Competition 1
To write a short story between 500 and 750 words on the theme of Hope. It can be anything you like

  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Comedy
You may never have written a short story before but have a go! We are interested in your ideas. Be imaginative.
Closing Date Friday 3rd April 2020. Entries should reach us by 4pm on Friday 3rd April.


Family Challenge Time

Get your thinking caps on, be as random as you like, be WE WANT YOUR QUIZZES!!
Create a quiz as a family, send it to us at
We will share them here for everyone to try just for fun!!
(p.s. please send a sheet with the answers as well!!!!!!)

Quizzes and Answers will be posted here!

brain teaser

Brainteasers and Riddles!

Want to mess with everyones heads????
Send us your brainteasers and riddles and we will post them here.

Send us your answers although we won't post them :)


Home Learning in Action

Teaching is tough (honestly I know!!)
Send us your pictures, as funny as you like of teaching in action, we would love to build a gallery of what you guys are all up to.

(The legal bit….. yes there is GDPR, please remember that the pictures you send will end up on this website!!)


Messages of Hope

We are strongest when we are together, just because we are in operate houses doesn't mean that we are separated. If you have a message of Hope, of Thanks, of Care, send it is to us at and we will share them here.


Local Legend

We are already aware of members of our community doing amazing things to support those in need. Tell us your story or someone we know doing something amazing.

Today it is Vincent Brain.
Vincent Brain, our head boy, popped into the office to drop some things off at school today. While he was in, we had a little chat (at a distance of course!) and he said he was just on his way back from shopping for some older folk in his road. He'd sent out a message last week asking if they needed anything and he had 5 phone calls this morning so he has been busy today back and forth on his bike (because the shops didn't have everything that they needed) getting all these peoples shopping for them. He told me that he was returning library books for them tomorrow. What a superstar!


12 o'clock prayer

Please pray this Prayer at 12pm each day
Lord we believe that you are with us and that you hear our prayers
for all our friends and family especially those we cannot be with, hold them in your love Lord in your mercy
For all who are sick throughout the world, bring them hope. If people are on their own and feel afraid help them to know that you are with them and we are praying for them Lord in your mercy
For all those working to help others, give them hope and strength
Lord in your mercy
Guide our leaders, help them make right choices and to do their best for everyone Lord in your mercy
For ourselves when are frightened or feel alone help us to know that you are with us and will always be there no matter what happens. Help us not to be selfish and to do our best to help others. Lord in your mercy
We ask Mary our mother to pray with us as we say
Hail Mary……….

Saint Joseph's Catholic School
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