year 5 & 6

The transition from primary to secondary school is a key change in a child’s education. For St. Joseph’s, Mr Rooney is the Assistant Headteacher in charge of transition co-ordination. He works very closely with primary schools in acquiring information on every child to understand their individual needs. The information is gathered through transition forms and in depth meetings with each school’s Year 6 teacher. Mr Rooney also visits each child in their primary school to address any concerns they may have about the transition to St. Joseph’s.

All Year 6 students attend an Induction day in July. The day is an excellent opportunity for the Year 6 students to experience a day at St Joseph’s before they start for real in September. The day is split into two parts; an academic session and a pastoral session. During the academic session students do a Cognitive Ability Test so that we can ensure they are placed in the correct learning groups from the moment they start in September. In the pastoral session the students meet their new form tutors, directors of learning, class mates and peers from their year group. At St Joseph’s we seek to ensure each of our students achieves their academic potential and also develops into a young adult that we are all proud of; this induction day is the beginning of the journey towards this goal.

Additionally, all parents are invited to St Joseph’s for a Year 6 parents induction evening. This helps to prepare and inform parents about about their child’s transition. During this evening session, parents of current students talk about their experiences of the school and in addition current year 7 students talk about their experience of transition. Students and parents tell us that they find these events very informative and helpful.

Once the pupils start in September every member of the school community, staff and students alike, works hard to help the new Year 7 students settle in as quickly as possible. In the first term there is a party held by each House to welcome their new Year 7 Form. The older students in a House group organise games and activities to help new students integrate into their pastoral group.

We are always delighted with how quickly the Year 7 students settle in to “big school”. The worries of “will I get lost?”, “will I make new friends?” become questions of the past and soon the pupils get themselves involved in House events and clubs so they feel a real part of our school community.  They very quickly adopt our Key Stage 3 mantra of “Do your best and mind your manners”!

These plans are subject to change in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Please see the transition page for further details.

Applying to Secondary School
Secondary School application deadline: 31st October 2021. Please click the link below for a timeline of events throughout the application process:

Wiltshire Council Timeline for Applications

Please note in addition to the Local Authority application please complete the following School Information Form and returned to St Joseph's. 

School Information Form

Starting at St Joseph’s Catholic School
Documents below include information presented to parents prior to your child starting at St Joseph’s: