all staff

Mrs. R Ridley - Headteacher

Mr. K McGuinness - Deputy Head 

Mr. A Bazen - Deputy Head (Pastoral) / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr. R Rooney - Assistant Head / CPL Coordinator / Head of Key Stage 3

Mrs. F Nobis - Assistant Head /AG&T / Vulnerable Learners

Mr. C Bartel - Senior Leader of Behaviour & Attendance

Mr. O Ford - Senior Leader of Behaviour & Attendance / Head of Technology

Mrs. G Martin - Bursar

Mrs. K Snell - PA to Head teacher

Mrs. C Pearson - Head of English & Drama

Mrs. E Maher - Second in Charge English

Mrs. P Cullis - English

Mrs. A Bradbury - English

Mrs. A Marshall - English / Year 7 & 8 Director of Learning

Miss. E McFarlane - English

Miss. M Rees - English

Mrs. M Henry - Head of Mathematics

Mrs. N Morgan - Second in Charge Mathematics / Year 11 Director of Learning 

Mrs. N Jackson - Mathematics

Mrs. V Murphy - Mathematics

Mr. H Wilkinson - Head of Science

Mr. R Daniel - Second in Charge Science

Mrs. K Choudhury - Science

Mrs. K O’Grady - Science

Mr. J Minns - Science

Mr. C Morris - Science / Year 9 & 10 Director of Learning

Mr. O Blaho-Schlogl - Head of Religious Education

Mrs. Le Ray - Religious Education

Mr. T Valjak - Religious Education

Mrs. A Goulding - Head of Physical Education / Dance

Mr. D Ball - Physical Education

Mr. N Brown - Physical Education

Miss. C Moss - Physical Education

Mr. J Ollivierre - ICT

Mr. S Monk - Humanities

Miss. P Shuttleworth - Humanities

Miss. K Lowe - SENCo / Humanities

Mrs. S. Barratt - Modern Foreign Languages / Year 9 & 10 Director of Learning

Mrs. H Millar Facey - Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs. C Blake - Performing Arts

Miss. K L Mallows - Art / 2nd in Charge Technology

Mrs F. Evans - Art

Mr. S Sibley - Food Technology

Mr. R Blakey - Music

Mrs. K Halls - 1:1 Support English

Miss. D Newman - UQT Maths

Mrs. D Parsons - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. W Jones - Specialist Teacher of Dyslexia (SpLD)

Mrs. L O’Keefe - Pupil Premium Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J Prior - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. A Foster - Science Technician

Mrs. V Peters - Technology Technician

Ms. M Stanistreet - Pastoral Manager

Mr. C Cull - Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs. N Scott - Finance Officer

Miss. Y Ryder - Exams Officer

Mrs. J Hodge - Receptionist

Mrs. D Bowman - Receptionist / Appointed First Aider

Miss. S Pearson - Cover Supervisor 

Mr. P Gill - Network Manager

Mrs. S Fenwick - Admin Assistant / Careers & Work Experience Coordinator

Mr. L James - Maintenance Manager

Mr. R Adams - Maintenance Assistant

Mrs. H Gilson - Catering Manager

Mrs. S Adams - Assistant Cook

Mrs. K Griffiths - Kitchen Assistant