After our school library being closed due to Covid restrictions, we are excited to be opening it back up again for all year groups from 13th December 2021. We have a wide range of books available for all reading levels, from quick and easy reads to bestselling series.


The library will be open for one year group each day at break time (10:55–11:15am). The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday - Year 7
  • Tuesday - Year 8
  • Wednesday - Year 9
  • Thursday - Year 10
  • Friday - Year 11
covid procedures

All pupils will be asked to hand sanitise on entry and wear face masks whilst in the library. Books to be returned must be placed in the "Book Return Box" once finished with, which can be found outside the library (bottom of the up staircase). Under no circumstances are books to be put back on the library shelves or left on the desk, as these will need to be quarantined.

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