school meals

The school has recently introduced a cashless catering system to help reduce queue times and to remove the need for children to have cash with them in school. Parents can pay online in advance for their child's meals using the school gateway app. Children are given a unique card to use in the canteen.

Grab and Go Menu for September 2020

  • Sandwiches, baguettes and wraps with a selection of fillings - £1.80
  • Pasta Pots and salad pots - £1.40
  • Sausage Roll - 80p
  • Homemade Cakes, doughnuts, yoghurt, fresh fruit - 50p
  • Muffins, waffles and popcorn - 80p
  • Selection of drinks
  • Water - 50p 
  • Fruit Juice, flavoured water and milkshake(200ml) - 50p 
  • Yazoo Milkshake, Juice Burst, Rio, Oasis - £1.00  

There are also pastries and snacks available at break time or before school depending on your child’s year group.

We are aware of the risk of added salt and sugar and the detrimental effects a modern day diet could have on our health, so here at St Joseph’s we endeavor to keep the our homemade products as natural, wholesome and nutritious as possible and free from additives and preservatives

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Should you require any information on Free School Meals, please click the following link: Key INformation > Pupil Premium/Free School Meals