House Structure

There are four houses here at St Joseph's, and each pupil is assigned to a house when they join the school in Year 7. The four houses are:

  • Francis (house colour: green)
  • Teresa (house colour: yellow)
  • Vincent (house colour: red)
  • Margaret (house colour: blue)

All members of staff are assigned to a house, with the exception of the Headteacher, Deputy Heads and Assistant Head. Each house has a team consisting of the Head of House, and several Form Tutors.

The house system will be involved in all areas of school life, for example in sporting competitions, assemblies, and charities. This will be co-ordinated by the pastoral committee, which meets once a month.


Head of Francis House: Mrs. Nobis

Francis House is named after St Francis of Assisi, a twelfth century young Italian who gave up an easy life of luxury to focus on what he felt was important: caring and supporting other people, and looking after the world. We in Francis House today follow his example by ensuring that we support each other, and everyone in our school community to be caring and supportive, interested in each other and the environment. St Francis is the patron saint of ecologists, and we are well represented on the student Environmental Council.

Francis House has one tutor group in each year, and our tutors are as follows: Mrs Jones and Mrs Millar Facey (Year 7); Mr Ball (Year 8); Mr Caruso (Year 9); Mr Coultas-Pittman (Year 10); Mr Blaho (Year 11)

Francis House members support each other at all times, and work hard in all lessons. We frequently gain the most achievement points in the school per week, something of which we are very proud. This year, we will try once again to win Sports Day in July, and never cease chasing the House Cup. We have many talents, and our tutors are keen to develop these further.


Head of Teresa House: Mr Rooney

Teresa House is named after the famous Mother Teresa and as such our values are loyalty, kindness and togetherness.  Our House has traditionally celebrated "taking part" rather than winning but in recent years that has changed!  We are regularly leading the achievement points race and we've been blessed with some super athletes over the last few years which means we more than hold our own in house competitions and sports days these days!
In 2020-21 both the Head Boy and Head Girl were also from Teresa House, so there is certainly no shortage of leaders in our House!
Our House Saint, Mother Teresa, is an inspiration to us all; she worked tirelessly for justice and to give people dignity and a sense of peace.  She set up the Missionaries of Charity which still exists today and works to support some of the most vulnerable people in the world and we seek to continue her mission to help those in need in our community.
She once said; "God does not call us to do great things, but calls us to do small things with great love".  Therefore, as a House, we seek to do the little things well in order to make a big difference in our community.


Head of Vincent House: Mr. Bartel


Head of Margaret House: Mr. Ford