MEDICAL support


Our reception team are on hand during the school day to assist pupils with first aid advice or administering medication. If your child requires medication for a serious medical condition, e.g. an Epipen, asthma inhaler, diabetic medication or any other type of medication, please ensure that it is brought into school clearly labelled with your child’s name and any supporting paperwork that we may need.

If your child requires any medication, please complete the parental agreement for school to administer medication, which can be found below or physical copies can be collected from reception. This must be completed and handed to our reception staff along with the named medication in its original packaging.

Please note: Pupils are not permitted to carry prescribed or over the counter medication with them – it must be handed in to reception, and a consent form must be completed by a parent/guardian for the school to administer medication. The only medication pupils can carry are inhalers, epipens, and diabetic equipment.

We have a school inhaler for students to use who have asthma, and a spare epipen for students who have been prescribed one for use if needed in an emergency. For any student that has a mild allergy that we are aware of, we have Piriton. For any of these items to be used or administered, a consent form must be completed and returned – please see the permission forms below.

Also, good to put in is that school will call if child is unwell and that pupils are not allowed to call home to be collected, if they do get a call, best to call school before turning up as this can go down as unauthorised.

Feeling Unwell

Should your child feel unwell during the school day, you may be contacted to discuss how best to treat them. If they need to go home, they must be collected by a responsible adult and they will not be allowed to travel home alone.

Pupils are not allowed to call home themselves to be collected, but if you do get a call from your child, please call the school before turning up to collect them, otherwise this could be logged as an unauthorised absence.

Health Care Plan

If your child has a current Health Care Plan, please let us know either via the Admissions process or by email. You will be contacted to discuss the details further to ensure we are caring for your child in the best way possible.

First Aid on School Trips

We have a number of first aid trained staff on site. If pupils leave the site for arranged trips, we always ensure there is a first aid trained member of staff in attendance.


If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything further, please contact the school on 01722 335380 or by emailing

Parental agreement for school to administer medicationPlease complete and return this form to the school reception.
School Inhaler Permission LetterPlease complete and return this form to the school reception.
Piriton and Epipen Permission LetterPlease complete and return this form to the school reception.
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