At St Joseph’s, we understand the importance of preparing our young people for life and work in modern Britain, and do this through the fortnightly delivery of PSHE. PSHE is delivered by tutors in their form room, as successive evaluations have shown this is how the pupils feel they learn best. 

Within PSHE, each year group covers specific modules, designed to ensure coverage of Healthy Lifestyles; Living in Our Wider World which includes Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance; and British Values. Many aspects complement learning that takes place in RSHE lessons within RE.


In Year 7:

  1. An Introduction to PSHE including staying safe online and media influence 
  2. Healthy Lifestyles, including Healthy Eating and Healthy Sleep 
  3. An Introduction to Careers Education 
  4. British Values 

In Year 8:

  1. Positive Mental Health 
  2. Healthy Lifestyle: Alcohol Education and smoking awareness 
  3. British Values 
  4. Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance 

In Year 9:

  1. Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance, including option information 
  2. Healthy Lifestyle including drug education from Motiv 8 
  3. Salisbury Schools Challenge 
  4. Finance Matters! 
  5. British Values 

In Year 10:

  1. Gambling Awareness 
  2. Healthy Lifestyles, including positive mental health and drug education 
  3. Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance: the World of Work, including an introduction to Work Experience  
  4. Learning Matters – study skills  
  5. British Values 

In Year 11:

  1. Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance, including Sixth Form and college application information 
  2. Positive Mental Health 
  3. Study Skills 
  4. British Values 

For a more detailed breakdown about what students study in PSHE each year, click the button below.

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