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I chose St Joseph’s Catholic School as it has an amazing Performing Arts department because I want to be an actress. If you have high aspirations, St Joseph’s Catholic School has lots of clubs and superb lessons that will get you up to the standard required and allow your dreams to blossom. Girls and boys from other schools go through bullying. This is a school where there is 1% chance of getting bullied, possibly even lower!


Can I thank you and all your team at St Joseph’s for all the hard work and support you have given throughout the years. Thanks to the stability and support that my son has been given through school, he is heading to college a mature, responsible and very caring young man!

A Parent

I personally chose St Joseph’s Catholic School because I had heard great comments about it and it had an outstanding Ofsted report. I’ve really been encouraged to work hard, and everyone has really helped me out to settle in quickly. It just goes to show how good the school is because I’m only in Year 7!


We wanted to thank you and all the staff at St. Joseph’s for the fantastic results that our son achieved in his GCSEs. We are very pleased that he did so well academically. Of course, St Joseph’s has not just been about academic studies – it has been about so much more than that.

We will always appreciate the school’s support for his extra-curricular music, all the way through from Y7 to Y11, with Pupil Premium for not just one but two instruments. He is now off to Andover College to study Music and Stage Management.

Our son has really blossomed whilst at St. Joseph’s. The school has given him numerous opportunities to grow and fulfil his potential. There have been several clubs and activities that he has engaged with as well as many trips that he has benefited from. The final year as Head Boy was a fantastic opportunity for him: he has matured and become a fine young man; we are extremely proud of him. We could not have asked for a better school.

A Parent

Since I joined St Joseph’s Catholic School, all of my subject grades have really improved. It is the best secondary school and I never want this experience to end.


We wanted to express our thanks to you and all the staff at St. Joseph’s for the amazing results that our daughter achieved.

We believe that it’s always been a joint effort between us at home and school and we have been so fortunate in that we have had such a constructive relationship with our daughter’s teachers at St Joseph’s. When we look back at her FFT predicted grades in Year 9 and see what she actually achieved, we can see that together with St Joseph’s we were able to get her to exceed her predicted grades - in every single subject.

Other aspects of her time at St. Joseph’s are also really important. She was often supported in her social interactions and we are very grateful for that. In addition, she had many opportunities to take part in experiences that would promote her self-esteem. She was always keen to go on trips and she went on as many as possible!

A Parent

teachers & staff


The minute I stepped through the doors in September, the fear began to go and it was at that point I knew I had made the right choice of secondary school for me.
For me the best thing about the school is the fact that bulling and rumours are not tolerated and I think that makes people feel safe. The teachers are AMAZING about everything, they treat you with kindness and respect, I think that’s what makes this school so special.


There is no way that this goes far enough, but we would like to thank you and all the wonderful staff for your dedication, efforts and perseverance with our daughter. We know that no other school would have given her the chances and fresh starts that you have, and we cannot express how grateful we are. You are an amazing group of people going above and beyond and we are so thankful that you did not give up on our daughter.

Katie, a Parent

We felt it important as our daughter is coming to the end of her time at St Joseph’s to say a huge thank you to the pastoral and safeguarding team.

Our daughter came to St Joseph’s under the Fresh Start scheme and that is exactly what you provided – a fresh start – and she thrived. We had first hand experience of a school that did not provide the support she needed and the support you provided at the time and over the years since has been fantastic. She has felt the school “has her back” during her time with you – through some difficult problems. We’ve seen how the pastoral and safeguarding team works and that is has provided consistent support over the years is evidence that the core ethos of the school is sound.

Before St Joseph’s, our daughter did not smile and did not talk openly – now she does!

A Parent

I would like to say a huge thank-you to you Mrs Ridley and all your staff for the help, care and support you have given to my son. He has grown, wanted to learn and be at your school. He said it was the best decision ever to attend your school and he can’t thank you all enough for all that you have done for him and he will miss you all.
I feel proud to be part of St Joseph’s Catholic School’s community.

Paula, a Parent

The best thing about St Joseph’s Catholic School is the teachers – even the Head teacher Mrs Ridley.


I think Headteachers are often overlooked when it comes to parents saying ‘thanks’. You’ve worked so hard and achieved amazing things for the school, so I wanted to let you know that we as a family are hugely grateful.

Carolyn, a Parent



Since joining St Joseph’s Catholic school I feel I have fully integrated and become part of this wonderful community. When I joined in Year 9, I arrived as a shy and timid person but now the school has helped me to flourish and I feel I have, with the schools help, developed into a confident and mature person who has been encouraged to think for herself and yet keep the ethos of respecting others as the basis of everything.


I am really glad I chose St Joseph’s Catholic School because it feels like a family.


Thank you for the lovely Carol Service last week. It was great to see it well attended and you had all worked hard to put it together. It gave my son such a boost to play [the piano] and he received so many compliments. He has struggled with school since returning in September and feels unsure about his future. To see him so positive and enthused afterwards was wonderful. It was also lovely to see so many musicians perform – perhaps enough for a school band or concert in future?

Rosie, a Parent

I knew St Joseph’s Catholic School was the school for me because the atmosphere of the place is altogether fantastic and I love it! I could not imagine a better place to learn, all you have to do is work at your absolute best and you will love your time at St Joseph’s Catholic School.


You gave me the best opportunity ever letting me join your school in December and I couldn’t be more grateful. You should be so proud of yourself and the school you’re running as it is full of the most caring, supportive and loving people ever. This can be said for both teachers and pupils as I have met some friends I will be with forever and some amazing teachers who I will never forget.

The best thing about St Joseph’s is that you’re not just a number. Every pupil is a person and allowed to be their own person with their own personality which is a fantastic trait for a school to have. I will never forget my time here at St Joseph’s and I believe that the best decision a child could make for secondary school is to go to St Joseph’s Catholic School.




There are two reasons why I chose to come to St Joseph’s Catholic School. Firstly is because the school has great facilities and a very good reputation. Secondly, all the teachers know what you like, your ability and your name! I love this school!


If I had to sum up St Joseph’s Catholic School in a few words it would be “the best of the best”. I’ve lived in 25 different countries and been to 15 different schools and St Joseph’s Catholic School is the best school out of them all!


Thank you very much for all of the help and support you have given me over my time at this school. I can still remember one of my first days in Year 9 when you told us how we would soon be in Year 11, and that it would fly by. That day feels like only yesterday, and you were definitely right about how quickly these five years have gone. Thank you for the great advice and start of my future at college and beyond.


I would like to welcome you to our school – it is a FANTASTIC school! You don’t have to worry about bullying at St Joseph’s Catholic School because our behaviour is Outstanding.




I wanted to write and personally thank you for making the move from St Osmund's to St Joseph's such a positive experience. All of the great support offered in your transition programme has been invaluable and has provided great reassurance, enabling us to feel as prepared as possible for the move.

The way my child has settled in so confidently and happily is testament to you and the school and I really can’t thank you enough. They feel very proud to be part of St Joseph's and is optimistic and confident to work hard at school. Thank you so much!

A Parent

I just thought it would be nice to send a message to say how absolutely over the moon I am with my child’s start. Today especially I was on the verge of tears when he was telling me how much he’s been enjoying PE and actually everything else in general! I can’t explain what a big deal that is!  Thank you!

Katie, a Parent

Thanks so much... we’re really pleased with our child’s progress in year 7.  St Joseph’s is a lovely school and we’re very happy to be part of its community.

A Parent

When our son transitioned from another school, we were blown away by the effortless professionalism of the staff who made the process so simple.  Our son was given lots of advice and information about the school and how they the transition would work. His first day/week of school was a joy to see. He was smiling, laughing and even singing. Feeling more confident, making friends and above all, he felt safe. 

The school have made every possible effort to make him feel included and been very nurturing towards his learning needs.  I feel confident that they will help him in his learning journey for his time at the school. It has made such a difference to our son, and to the whole family. Thank you St Joseph's.

Caroline, a Parent