pupil testimonials

I personally chose St Joseph’s Catholic School because I had heard great comments about it and it had an outstanding Ofsted report. I’ve really been encouraged to work hard, and everyone has really helped me out to settle in quickly, it just goes to show how good the school is because I’m only in Year 7!

Alice – 7M

The best thing about St Joseph’s Catholic School is the teachers – even the Head teacher Mrs Ridley.

Alexis – 7F

I chose St Joseph’s Catholic School as it has an amazing Performing Arts department because I want to be an actress. If you have high aspirations, St Joseph’s Catholic School has lots of clubs and superb lessons that will get you up to the standard required and allow your dreams to blossom.
Girls and boys from other schools go through bullying. This is a school where there is 1% chance of getting bullied, possibly even lower!

Hollie – 7V

There are two reasons why I chose to come to St Joseph’s Catholic School. Firstly is because the school has great facilities and a very good reputation. Secondly, all the teachers know what you like, your ability and your name! “I love this school!”

Issy – 7V

Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic School. Here we thrive to “Achieve excellence for the sake of the Gospel” and we do that by being the best we can be with help from all the teachers and older pupils.
The minute I stepped through the doors in September 2014, the fear began to go and it was at that point I knew I had made the right choice of secondary school for me.
For me the best thing about the school is the fact that bulling and rumours are not tolerated and I think that makes people feel safe. The teachers are AMAZING about everything, they treat you with kindness and respect, I think that’s what makes this school so special.

Harry – 7V

Since I joined St Joseph’s Catholic School, all of my subject grades have really improved. It is the best secondary school and I never want this experience to end

Joshua – 7F

I am really glad I chose St Joseph’s Catholic School because it feels like a family.

Alix – 7M

I would like to say a huge thank-you to you Mrs Ridley and all your staff for the help, care and support you have given to my son. He has grown, wanted to learn and be at your school. He said it was the best decision ever to attend your school and he can’t thank-you all enough for all that you have done for him and he will miss you all.
I feel proud to be part of St Joseph’s Catholic School’s community.

Paula – Parent of Year 11 (2015)

If I had to sum up St Joseph’s Catholic School in a few words it would be “The best of the best”. I’ve lived in 25 different countries and been to 15 different schools and St Joseph’s Catholic School is the best school out of them all!

Thomas – 7T

I knew St Joseph’s Catholic School was the school for me because the atmosphere of the place is altogether fantastic and I love it! I could not imagine a better place to learn, all you have to do is work at your absolute best and you will love your time at St Joseph’s Catholic School.

Sophia – 7F

I would like to welcome you to our school – it is a FANTASTIC school! You don’t have to worry about bullying at St Joseph’s Catholic School because our behaviour is Outstanding.

Ben – 7M

Since joining St Joseph’s Catholic school I feel I have fully integrated and become part of this wonderful community. When I joined in Year 9, I arrived as a shy and timid person but now the school has helped me to flourish and I feel I have, with the schools help, developed into a confident and mature person who has been encouraged to think for herself and yet keep the ethos of respecting others as the basis of everything.

Anya – 10