Catholic Ethos


“To achieve excellence for the sake of the Gospel”

Within our Catholic school centred on the person of Jesus Christ come values and actions which are articulated in the four main areas of school life:

  1. Curriculum
  2. Pastoral Care
  3. Religious life
  4. Personal Formation.


We give pupils rich and varied ways of exploring the world God created and peopled. Pupils learn that this world and its resources is for our good and that we must use it responsibly. We propose that God is found in all things and therefore all things are worthy of our interest and study. We endeavour to provide a school where a spirit of enquiry and intellectual life flourish.

Pastoral Care:

We promote the emotional and spiritual growth of our pupils. All staff are expected to build strong and appropriate relationships with pupils across the whole school experience. For example listening to their cares and concerns, sharing their hopes and fears, their successes and failures and accompanying them through their childhood and teenage years.

We strive to ensure well-judged intervention in pupils lives to provide appropriate professional support and challenge. Our aim is to establish a stable and welcoming community with which pupils identify and can belong to. The successes and achievements of all pupils will be recognised and celebrated.

Religious Life:

We believe that we are a school of prayer which is encouraged in simple and regular practices. We celebrate the liturgy of the Christian Church in particular to Holy Mass. We teach about justice, act justly and seek to promote the common good. We look for opportunities to reach out to suffering and marginalised individuals and communities, locally and globally. We are open and welcoming to people of other faiths and of no faith.

Personal Formation:

We aim to develop the God-given gifts and talents of each pupil. We seek to form attitudes and values in our pupils which are based on the Gospel teaching and actions of Jesus Christ. We hope to lay the foundations of life-long learning. We seek to foster an attitude of altruism and generosity.

We will promote a range of extra-curricular activities to promote the physical, creative and intellectual development of all of our pupils. We will encourage them to adopt a way of looking at the world which is positive, engaged and seeks to change the world for the better.

Mr Blaho standing at the lectern in the chapel A boy lighting a candle A girl standing at the lectern


Catholic Education Service & Clifton Diocese

Salisbury Catholic Churches Newsletters

Pray as You Go

Pray As You Go is a daily prayer session, designed for use on portable devices, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly whilst travelling to and from work, study, etc.

A new prayer session is produced every day of the working week and one session for the weekend. Lasting between 10 and 13 minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection.


Lent 2022 CAFOD Calendar

We hope this Lent calendar from CAFOD helps you on your Lenten journey. Each day reflects on scripture from the Mass of the day and gives a question, a prayer, and an action. Download the calendar »


We have a number of posters displayed in our school that highlight our Key Values. The first four posters were designed by talented students in our Art Department.

Respect poster
Tolerance poster
Forgiveness poster
Peace poster
Dignity poster
Compassion poster
Mercy and Humility poster
Gentleness poster
Faithfulness and Sacrifice poster
Justice poster
Purity poster
Truth poster

updates & assemblies


December 2021

We were unfortunately unable to meet in the hall for our Christmas Carol Service this year due to Covid restrictions, so we invited everybody to celebrate with us virtually instead. Thank you to our students and staff who took part and made this possible! Please click here to download the programme of events.

Fratelli Tutti National Assembly


June 2021

Pope Francis has written a letter to everyone, asking us to reach out to our sisters and brothers in need. We are all challenged to turn outwards and think of ourselves as one global family, becoming neighbours to all, and he gives the example of the Good Samaritan who reached out to help the injured man that he didn’t know.

This assembly is led by students from St Bede’s Catholic High School and Sixth Form College in Lanchester, with Ini, a medical student from Sierra Leone, and features an animation on Fratelli Tutti and a film about young peace builders supported by a CAFOD partner in Colombia.

Click here to watch the assembly
Collage of 3 photos of the Corridor of Values at St Joseph's


May 2021
During the last lockdown the Art Department began work on re-vamping our Corridor of Values. Miss Mallows and Mrs Evans have been giving up their own time to design posters and decorate the corridor itself with a beautiful tree mural.
Their hard work and artistic talent is truly inspirational and we are all very excited to see the finished product! Thanks also to the students who have designed posters for the corridor.
Eyes of the World National Assembly


April 2021

The climate is in crisis and it affects us all. But it is the poorest communities who are suffering the most. The eyes of the world are on us this year as Britain hosts world leaders for the United Nation’s climate change talks – COP26. They will make important decisions that will affect millions of people around the world and shape the future of our global family.

This national assembly, which was held on 22nd April 2021, was recorded in advance and it is available to watch now. This is an opportunity for pupils, both in and out of school, to share the same content and be inspired together.

Click here to watch the assembly
Clifton Diocese


Pray for Our Schools

Every week, we receive a Prayer of the Week from Clifton Diocese. Here is the latest Prayer of the Week, or click on the arrows to see previous prayers.

  • Term 4, Week 3

    Weekly Prayer: Term 4, Week 3

    18th March 2022

  • Term 4, Week 2

    Weekly Prayer: Term 4, Week 2

    11th March 2022

  • Term 4, Week 1

    Weekly Prayer: Term 4, Week 1

    4th March 2022

  • Term 3, Week 7

    Weekly Prayer: Term 3, Week 7

    18th February 2022

  • Term 3, Week 6

    Weekly Prayer: Term 3, Week 6

    11th February 2022

  • Term 3, Week 3

    Weekly Prayer: Term 3, Week 3

    21st January 2022

  • Term 3, Week 1

    Weekly Prayer: Term 3, Week 1

    7th January 2022

  • Term 2, Week 7

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 7

    17th December 2021

  • Term 2, Week 6

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 6

    10th December 2021

  • Term 2, Week 5

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 5

    3rd December 2021

  • Term 2, Week 4

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 4

    26th November 2021

  • Term 2, Week 3

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 3

    19th November 2021

  • Term 2, Week 2

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 2

    12th November 2021

  • Term 2, Week 1

    Weekly Prayer: Term 2, Week 1

    5th November 2021

  • Term 1, Week 7

    Weekly Prayer: Term 1, Week 7

    22nd October 2021

  • Term 1, Week 6

    Weekly Prayer: Term 1, Week 6

    15th October 2021

  • Term 1, Week 5

    Weekly Prayer: Term 1, Week 5

    8th October 2021

  • Term 1, Week 4

    Weekly Prayer: Term 1, Week 4

    1st October 2021

  • Term 1, Week 3

    Weekly Prayer: Term 1, Week 3

    20th September 2021

  • Term 1, Week 2

    Weekly Prayer: Term 1, Week 2

    13th September 2021