OUR curriculuM

Our Curriculum Intententions

At St Joseph’s Catholic School, we look to maximise the broadest range of life chances for all our pupils. We look to ensure that all our pupils hold ambitions that challenge both their own, and others’ expectations. Read our Curriculum Intent statement here.

If you have any questions about our curriculum, please contact us.

Our Curriculum Structure

Our curriculum is well structured to ensure key elements of learning throughout each subject are planned and linked to ensure learning is truly embedded. Our subjects are mapped across both Years and Key Stages to allow us to ensure core skills are transferable between subjects and build towards a unified end goal as outlined in our curriculum intent statement above.

The curriculum is constantly reviewed, most recently in light of the impact that the Covid pandemic had on learners, with changes implemented to ensure needs are met for each cohort. The process of review is underway once again and this page will be updated once completed so that you have access to the latest information to help you support your child in their learning journey.

Curriculum Map (Lesson Based)

Below you are able to see the comprehensive map of the schools lesson based curriculum, clicking on it will show you a larger version to be able to zoom in and read the sections. Each row represents a given subject, with each block in the row representing a section of learning.

For more information on each subject, you can use the links below the map to view the Long Term Plans (LTP's) for each subject divided into Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4.


Click the links below to view information about each of the subjects we offer, including Learning Journeys and useful resources.


Long Term Plans

Art – KS3 - KS4
Computing – KS3 - KS4 GCSE - KS4 BTEC
Dance – KS4
Design Technology – KS3 - KS4
Drama – KS3 - KS4
English – KS3 - KS4
Food Technology – KS3 - KS4
French – KS3 - KS4
Geography – KS3 - KS4
History – KS3 - KS4
Maths – KS3 - KS4
Music – KS3 - KS4
PE – KS3 - KS4 Core - KS4 GCSE
RE – KS3 - KS4
Spanish – KS3 - KS4
Sociology – KS4

Curriculum Map (Experienced Based)

Alongside the traditional lesson based curriculum, we work to develop a range of experiences and opportunities throughout a pupil's learning journey with us. Those experiences help to build the cultural understanding, diversity of opinion and background, and personal development needed to meet our curriculum intent. We have a wide range of extra curricular clubs that pupil's can join to expand their learning experience as well as those outlined in the map below.