Happiest Minute of the Week: 5th-9th September 2022

Published September 12, 2022

Every week, our staff send in their submissions for the Happiest Minute of the Week. These can be anything from a whole class behaving well, to the small and kind gestures that make someone’s day!

All of these Happiest Minutes are then presented to the whole school every Friday by Mr Ford and Mr Bartel in the weekly rewards raffle.

As part of our ethos here at St Joseph’s, we love to share kindness, gratitude and positivity. So without further ado, here are this week’s nominations for Happiest Minute of the Week!

Happiest Minutes of the Week

Mr Bartel:

  • JS (10T) for coming to my door and asking to borrow a blazer, having an epiphany, walking away, taking off his hoody, knocking on the door, asking how I was and then enquiring ‘Sir, may I please have a blazer.’ Do your best and mind your manners.
  • Year 7 and 8 football at lunch, despite some very daft handballs (you know who you are), great to see these two year groups play football fairly in a very small space.
  • ES (8M), JB (10T), KJC (8V) for using their social time at lunch to show Year 7s to classrooms.
  • Many students for asking me how my summer was but also enquiring about Vinnie the puppy – who is great, thank you all for asking.

Ms Shuttleworth:

  • JB (10M) for managing a difficult situation and for 100% doing the right thing.  
  • IS (7M) for being brilliant in the History ‘I know what you are thinking’ game.
  • AK (11T) for being super kind and helpful by showing a lost Year 7 student to the correct room.

Mr Bazen:

  • Countless students’ kindness towards out new students BUT one stood out for me – FM (8M) for his compassion towards a new Year 7 who was lost and in need of support and guidance.

Mrs Rose:

  • JS (9V) for attempting a lot of lessons despite her anxiety this week… well done!

Mrs Nobis:

  • KC (11V), RG (11M), AF (11M) all for embodying the spirit of St Joseph’s and supporting our younger students as they settle in.

Mrs Maher:

  • EL (11M) for making my day with his wine comment and for having such a positive start to the year.
  • LC (7M) for such a smiley and positive start to St Jo’s.
  • ER (8V) for great involvement in lessons already.
  • BW (9V) and IL (9T) for making me laugh with their comments about being bald.
  • AC (10V) for such great input in English and for attending lesson consistently this week.
  • All of my Year 10 English class for such a positive and enthusiastic start to the year.
  • MS (11T) for realising she does get English, and she can do it!

Mrs Evans:

  • Mrs O’Keefe for all her help and support.

Mr Valjak:

  • CL (8F) for his brilliant attitude to learning in RE.
  • All of 11T for seeing them back after summer all smiley, smart and ready for their final year.
  • Mr Garvey for being another friendly face here at St Joe’s!

Miss Walters:

  • Please can I nominate SNP (8F) for being an absolute super star this week, overcoming challenges and persevering – what a legend!
  • Shout out to my Year 10 Maths class! IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE! Year 10 Maths, the new dream team!

Hope everyone has had a great first week back!

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