In July and August St Joseph’s ran summer schools for identified pupils: one for Year 6 children that were about to become part of our community in September, and one for Year 10 to enable them to have a ‘head start to year 11’.

The students invited were either in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, have an EHCP or an SEN need, or were identified by teachers as those that would particularly benefit from attending.

The summer school was designed to help leaners feel part of the community, settled and positive about the start to secondary school. The programme offered a mix of wellbeing, academic, sporting and enrichment activities. Each day started with a prayer/reflection and closed with a debrief and reflection.

Thank you to all of those involved, including our staff and Jo from The Rocketship Bookshop who came in to do a book reading for our Year 6s!

For more information, please see the full reports below.

Summer School Statement: Year 6 (July 2021)
Summer School Statement: Year 10 (August 2021)

What the Pupils Thought

"It gave everyone a chance to make new friends before starting school in September."

"It helped me and other students fit into the community."

“It helped me to feel ready for year 11.”

“The tutors were knowledgeable, and the English workshops were really fun.”

Happy Confident KidsThe Rocketship Bookshop