Weekly Update: 14th May 2021

Published: May 14, 2021

RE: Getting back to normal cautiously

Firstly, I would like to thank you for support and understanding with the measures we have taken over the past year in response to the pandemic; working together we have been able to make school as safe and as settled an environment as possible in this strangest of years.

With the government announcements this week confirming the gradual lifting of Covid restrictions across society, we see this as a natural step to begin a return to normality as safely as possible in school.

With this in mind, we have made some adjustments to the daily life of the school.

Face Masks

Face masks will now not be compulsory in classrooms or corridors and are optional in both classrooms and communal areas. Our preference, for the safety of staff and pupils, would be for masks to be worn in communal areas (not classrooms) but this will no longer be compulsory. Masks will still be required on public transport and in shops so pupils will still need these if they are using these services.


Year group / bubble assemblies will now be permitted in the hall.


Pupils will be expected to wear full uniform or full PE kit to school all days. Sadly, some pupils are sporting items of clothing that are not PE kit and this needs to be rectified. We have been patient with this but seeing these infringements for a period of four weeks is beginning to become a source of contention.

There will be regular uniform checks conducted by SLT, Directors of Learning and Form Tutors and any items of clothing that are not deemed acceptable as per our communication on 19th April will be addressed – this includes jewellery, nail varnish, false eyelashes and wearing of coats inside. This will be communicated to pupils in assemblies on Monday 17th May and in effect from Tuesday 18th May.

If uniform standards do not improve by Friday 28th May we will be forced to make the decision to revert back to full school uniform after half term.

We have been very understanding and accommodating about availability of uniform and this understanding will continue. We will adopt a more lenient approach with Year in terms of items of school clothing as we realise they may have outgrown uniform and are in the final weeks of their educational journey with us. However, the expectation is that they adhere to the standards as best as possible.

If you child has outgrown their current uniform/PE kit and you are finding it difficult to buy items, we will be able to loan them items on a short-term basis. If you require this service, please email your child’s name and form group along with the item of clothing needed to covid@sjcs.org.uk to let us know.

Likewise, if you have any school uniform that your child has outgrown and you would like to donate to the school for use of other pupils, please bring in any clothes to reception.

We firmly believe that these measures will help to re-energise our community and help to bring us closer together as we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic.

If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Ridley

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