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Transition is a very exciting time for year 6 pupils. It marks the end of an era at primary school and the beginning of new adventures at secondary school. No doubt there will be nerves mixed in with the excitement - this is completely natural for pupils and parents alike!

We have set up this page for this very unique year of transition so that you have a one stop shop for all things transition; booklets that will help you prepare, all letters and correspondence that is sent out, numerous virtual items such as video introductions from teachers, pupils and a virtual tour of the school. Over the coming weeks all these resources will be uploaded for you to help you in your transition to our school. We hope you enjoy them and that they help you feel part of our school community.

If you have any queries or questions, please do email and we will get back to you!

We are all looking forward to getting to know you and working with you over the coming years.

St Joseph's School Transition Team


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Welcome Videos

  • Welcome messages from your Director of Learning & Form Tutor
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We have put together these questions and answers based on many years of visiting yr6 pupils across all our feeder primary schools. These questions are commonly the ones that year 6 pupils have in their minds, but if there are any other questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Will I get lost?

No, you won’t get lost. Everyone feels nervous when they join a new setting (new job, new community, new club etc) but you will soon become familiar with your new surroundings. If you do feel lost or feel insecure, you can ask teachers or other pupils nearby or ask at reception.
Don’t forget as well, that on your first day, year 7 will be the only year group in school and you’ll have a tour of school with your form tutor. You will also be given a map of school to help you know your way around.
Remember as well that you will be moving around school with pupils in your class and year group so you are likely to always be someone else when moving from classroom to classroom.
Honestly, after a week or two you will know your way around school as if you have been with us for years!

How much homework will I get?

In year 7 you will typically get 3 pieces of homework each evening which will last for 15-20 mins each. There is homework timetable so that you know which days subjects will set their homework. Most subjects set homework once a week, but maths will set more frequently.
All homework is set on Show My Homework so you do not need to worry about writing it all down – the tasks, deadlines and resources will all be put on Show My Homework. It really is a great tool for keeping yourself organised.
You will receive your Show My Homework login details when you start in September. Parents also receive a login so that they can keep up to date with the homework being set.

What if I can’t complete the homework or I don’t understand it?

When homework is set on Show My Homework, have a look at it to ensure you understand the task. If you don’t, slowly read the task again and look at any attachments or links that have been provided to help you. If you still do not understand, you could ask an adult at home for help or guidance or even a friend.
There is also a function on Show My Homework which allows you to send a message to the teacher, so if you are having problems you can let them know and they can then help you out.

How is my ‘teaching group/set’ different to my form group?

Your set is the group you attend your lessons with. This is based on ability and can differ from subject area. There are 5 sets. Sets HA, BX and BY have approximately 30 pupils and offer a higher pace of learning. C and D sets are often smaller sets with 15 – 20 pupils to ensure a teacher/pupil ratio allowing for more support where needed.
You will find out which set you are in when you begin in September as this information will be on your timetable.
We review the sets in December and July each year and make changes accordingly to reflect progress made by the pupils.
Your form group is the group that you register with each morning and afternoon and is also the house group that you are in in school. Your form group is mixed ability and there is an equal split of male and female across the four form groups.

What happens if I am late to a lesson?

For the first couple of weeks you will be getting used to lots of change and you may make a few mistakes, especially when reading your timetable. We understand this as we have all been there!
However, punctuality to school and lessons is extremely important. It is a life skill and demonstrates qualities of organisation and respect. We do monitor punctuality and attendance, therefore try your best to adjust and ask for help if you are having difficulties. After a few weeks, you will have it mastered!

I am worried I won’t make friends

Some of us adjust to change quicker than others – that is perfectly normal. We are all moving from primary to secondary school with different experiences and friendship groups. A lot of our in take will be joining us on their own or maybe only knowing a few other people – again this is normal.
Moving on from your primary school setting, to us at St Joseph’s, may take many weeks and it will take time for you to settle into your new routines at home with new staff and friends.
However, you are never aloe. We work very closely with members of staff especially your form tutor and director of learning to help and support you through this change. We also ask your parents to keep in touch with us to build relationships with us as the change can be difficult and unknown to us all.
There are also lots of things that will take place in school to help you to get to know new people – the form group parties and getting to know you activities are just a couple of examples. Attending extra-curricular clubs is also a good way of meeting new people.

I am worried I may not be able to complete the work in all lessons.

We are gathering lots of information from your year six teachers. We are aware of everyone’s abilities and the sets will help ensure that you have the appropriate level of challenge and support for your ability. Work will also be differentiated within lessons to make sure your needs are met.
If you are concerned about the level of work in a specific subject you can have a chat with your teacher, tutor or Director of Learning (Mrs Marshall).

When can we buy uniform?

Now that you know your house, you can buy your uniform. As per previous communications blazers, school ties and PE tops need to be ordered online from Buckland and Price.
They have online size guidelines too.

What will I get Achievement Points for?

You will be rewarded with achievement points for all the positive things you do in school, for example; excellent effort in lessons, good work, good participation, helping the school community, representing the school, sporting participation etc.
These points add up and at the end of each term we have awards assemblies where your amount of points is recognised and you receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or platinum plus status!
There is also a reward trip at the end of the year for pupils who have accumulated enough achievement points – this target is set at the start of the year.

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