Happiest Minute of the Week: 26th Feb–1st March 2024

Published March 1st, 2023

Every week, our staff send in their submissions for the Happiest Minute of the Week. These can be anything from a whole class behaving well, to the small and kind gestures that make someone’s day!

All of these Happiest Minutes are then presented to the whole school every Friday by Mr Bartel and Mr Ford (or pupils who volunteer to host!) in the weekly rewards raffle.

As part of our ethos here at St Joseph’s, we love to share kindness, gratitude and positivity. So without further ado, here are this week’s nominations for Happiest Minute of the Week!

Happiest Minutes of the Week: 26th Feb–1st March 2024

Mrs Nobis:

  • Mr Harris for being a hero Tuesday and Wednesday;
  • Mr French for being so helpful and kind at all times; Miss Gale for being most excellent and Miss Clark for making the library the place to be at break!
  • ASP, KS (8V), JP (8F), IS, RG (8M) for helping without being asked in a cover lesson Wednesday.
  • Students/staff who smile and say hi – it makes a big difference to all our days!
  • Mrs Inglis for creating breathing space!
  • FA (9T)  for making me cry (in a good way) in Drama.

Mr Ollivierre:

  • A MASSIVE shout out to my 11B/It BTEC Class for their AMAZING effort and focus yesterday (Thursday) during the BTEC Assessment, so proud!
  • And a BIG THANK YOU to those amazing teachers that covered my lessons for me! (Mr Rooney, Mr Garvey and Mr Blakey!)

Mr Ball:

  • FP (7M) for a great answer to why it gets colder the higher up you travel.

Mr Bartel:

  • MD (7F) and JD (7T) for great dedication to their football PE lesson.
  • TS (10M)’s goalkeeping efforts and exploits on a slightly muddy pitch bought a smile.
  • The absolute ballers that put in a huge squad performance against Sarum away on Tuesday. A fantastic 5–1 win but more importantly a sensational team effort. LR, AK, WC, MR, PS, JW (10T), LR, AT (10V), RW, DA, OA and JM (10M), AH (10F).

Well done, all!

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