GCSE Geography

🎓 The Course

Geography teaches you about the earth’s places, peoples, environments and societies. It helps you to understand the relationships between people and the environment. It is unique in bridging the social sciences (Human Geography) and the earth sciences (Physical Geography). Geography puts this understanding of social and physical processes within the essential context of places and regions. 

Not only is Geography a well-respected academic subject, but it is also at the centre of many of the major issues affecting the world today. How are we going to feed the world’s rapidly expanding population? What are our industries doing to the environment? What is happening to the overcrowded mega-cities of the world? What are we dumping in the world’s oceans? How will we ensure enough clean water for our future? How does tourism affect the places people visit? How can people respond to natural hazards such as flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes? 

The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next 50 years than it has ever done before. Our role in that change is more important than ever. Geography explains the changes and helps to prepare people. It is a subject about now and the future.

📝 Assessments

Unit 1: Living with the Physical Environment 

  • Section A –The Challenge of Natural Hazards 
  • Section B – Physical landscapes in the UK 
  • Section C – The Living World 

Unit 2: Challenges in the Human Environment 

  • Section A – Urban Issues and Challenges 
  • Section B – The Changing Economic World 
  • Section C – The Challenge of Resource Management 

Unit 3: Geographical Applications 

  • Section A – Issue Evaluation 

Unit 4: Geographical Applications 

  • Section B – Fieldwork 
Three girls sit in a group outside on the grass

Subject Contact:

Miss Hartsmith / Mrs Rooney

Post-16 Academic:

  • A Level Geography
  • A Level Environmental Science
  • A Level Geology

Post-16 Employment:

  • Town Planning
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Hazard Prediction and Management
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Pollution Analyst
  • Aid Worker
  • Accountancy
  • Marketing
  • ICT
  • Civil Service
  • Local Government
  • Meteorology
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Oceanography
  • Surveying
  • Teaching