senior prefect team

The Prefect team comprises of Year 10 and 11 students who have been successfully selected to represent the school body, not only on a daily basis, but on opening evenings and wider community events including Diocesan occasions. They are a wonderful group of willing, conscientious and enthusiastic pupils who are always prepared to aid and assist in school life.

The senior prefect team were successfully elected into their role after a mock election, a rigorous interview with Mrs Ridley and a staff vote. This team are an excellent example of the St Joseph’s ‘expectation’ as they are all conscientious, hardworking and motivated individuals. As senior prefects, they will represent the student body at many events throughout the year including open evenings and diocesan mass.

The main prefect team works diligently to ensure that St Joseph’s is a pleasant and safe place for students by gently reminding peers of expectations. In  addition they are ambassadors on opening evenings and mornings. More importantly they have chosen to act as positive role models for all in the school community. In time, it is envisioned that some prefects will be attached to departments to aid in the learning of students within all subject areas in school.


Melba Biju

My name is Melba Biju. I am a member of 11F. As a Head Student I am honoured to represent our school in so many opportunities. I enjoy playing many sports (mainly netball and athletics) and I am proud to represent my school in many fixtures. My hobbies include cycling, listening to music and painting. I have been a part of St Joseph’s since year 7 and throughout the years St Joseph’s has helped me build a passion and a desire to achieve my goals. As a Head Student in return, I would like to give back to our school community and help the younger years to build their aspirations.

Commitment and honesty are two particularly important qualities in a Head Student. I assure you that every opinion/suggestion is valued and considered. This allows the whole school community to be represented. 

Some students may like sports, some may like design engineering, and some may like art – therefore I intend to increase the opportunities within our school so that every student can have the best experience. 

I will try my best to encourage the idea of skorts as part of our PE kit allowing girls to feel comfortable and enjoy PE lessons. 

Being a Head Student is about being a role model and representing the school community proudly. Alongside the other Head Students and prefects, I hope to make St Joseph’s an amazing and enjoyable experience for everyone! 

Thomas Dewey

My name is Thomas Dewey and I am one of your Head Students representing St Joseph's. During my time at St Joseph's I have gained a great deal of knowledge and feel I have not only progressed academically, but as a person too. I aspire to be my best and will always work hard for it, whether it is in the classroom or representing Wiltshire at National level Athletics events across the Country. I believe as a community we can all work as a collective to achieve our goals too.

Darcie Ive

My name is Darcie Ive and I am a proud member of our Margaret’s lion pride! I joined St Joseph's midway through year 9. When I joined the school I was so surprised about how friendly everyone is and how there is a community feel within the school – something I am keen to pass on to our new students. I am also part of the St John's Ambulance cadet group, allowing me to mix with a wide range of other young people outside of school as well as our greater community. My aspiration in life is to become a paramedic and help as many people as possible, a philosophy I would love to apply to our school.

I am a keen sports women and although I have been unable to play for the last few years, I have found my passion for coaching. I help run Year 7 & 8 football after school on a Tuesday, and we have great fun playing fixtures against other schools (especially when we win). The team spirt and atmosphere really brings everyone together making everyone want to be the very best they can both on and off the pitch.

As a Head Student this year I promise to always have the students' best interests at the bottom of every decision we make as a team. This year I have promised to try my best and make skorts allowed as part of our PE kit, allowing girls to have some self-expression within their kit.  

I am certain that working alongside my fellow Head Students, and our amazing prefect team both in year 10 & 11, we can make the St Joesph's community better than it ever has been before.

Georgia Rose

Hello, I’m Georgia Rose, A Head Girl at St Joseph’s. I’ve been a student here for four years now and it’s been lovely. I’m thankful for all the opportunities the school has given me and the memories I’ve made, especially in the drama department!