senior prefect team

The Prefect team comprises of Year 10 and 11 students who have been successfully selected to represent the school body, not only on a daily basis, but on opening evenings and wider community events including Diocesan occasions. They are a wonderful group of willing, conscientious and enthusiastic pupils who are always prepared to aid and assist in school life.

The senior prefect team were successfully elected into their role after a mock election, a rigorous interview with Mrs Ridley and a staff vote. This team are an excellent example of the St Joseph’s ‘expectation’ as they are all conscientious, hardworking and motivated individuals. As senior prefects, they will represent the student body at many events throughout the year including open evenings and diocesan mass.

The main prefect team works diligently to ensure that St Joseph’s is a pleasant and safe place for students by gently reminding peers of expectations. In  addition they are ambassadors on opening evenings and mornings. More importantly they have chosen to act as positive role models for all in the school community. In time, it is envisioned that some prefects will be attached to departments to aid in the learning of students within all subject areas in school.


Gianpiero Greatorex

Greetings students of St Joseph's! My name is Gianpiero Greatorex and I will be representing you as one of the Head Students for the forthcoming academic year, 2021/22.

If you are wondering what to study for GCSEs then you will see that I chose Music, History, and Spanish, along with the compulsory subjects. I am also a strong believer that you must love the subjects that you choose and so advise all students to take great care when choosing their options as I am so glad that I chose my current subjects.

To make you aware of my hobbies and extracurricular activities, I have performed in musicals (Matilda, Hairspray), appeared in Operas (Tosca, Hanzel and Grettel), and am currently singing with both the Cathedral Youth Choir and Wiltshire Youth Choir. Within the performing arts I have worked with teenagers and adults, meeting people from a range of backgrounds, learning a range of communication skills, that will be extremely beneficial for the position of Head Student.

I would like to re-introduce the environmental and debate clubs, which I believe will help students to have a fairer chance in achieving their best self. I hope to work with students within the clubs and councils, ensuring that I can listen to and understand the needs and perspectives of students, supporting them and their interests for everyone's benefit. I hope to give students the opportunity to listen to one another's opinions in a constructive manner.

The role of Head Student is one of responsibility, humility, and integrity. I believe these key characteristics will support me in being effective. It is a position where diplomacy will be essential, regardless of one’s personal perspective. As Head Student I and my fellow Head Students will promote ideas for change and improvement, which will benefit the school’s environment. I will ensure that this is in keeping with the school’s core belief values (Tree of Values), and its emphasis on care and support for all students, regardless of background.

Therefore, I would like to say how excited I am to work with my fellow Head Students in ensuring that this year's tenure will be rewarding for the whole school community.

Gabriela Covill

Hello everybody! My name is Gabriela Covill. I am in 11M and I will be one of this year’s Head Students. My hobbies include watching motorsports series, reading, and learning about our world and where to travel. My favourite motorsports series has to be Formula One. I enjoy statistics, travel, and the idea of never knowing what is around the corner.

For my GCSEs – along with the core subjects – I take Drama, French, History and Sociology. I really enjoy my subjects and am learning so much in them that I will be able to use in sixth form and the rest of my life.

I hope to achieve lots alongside my other amazing Head Students. My main aim is to help our school grow and achieve the things the student body aims to gain. As someone who has been at this school since the first day in year 7, I want to leave this school knowing that I have given back and helped present and future years. I am looking forward to what the coming year will bring and I cannot wait. I hope to see you soon!

Jack Michel Scott

My name is Jack Michel Scott and I am a member of the Head Student team at St Joseph’s. I study Computer Science, History, Geography and Triple Science for GCSE, and I am looking to progress my career opportunities in the future. I love Mountain Biking, and regularly play my saxophone in a youth jazz band. I have performed many times at Salisbury City Hall and at other venues.

Being Head Student is a very important role for me, and I have many ideas on how to improve and better the school for all pupils, including ways to make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Shannan Read

Hello everyone, my name is Shannan Read and I am a one of your elected Head Students.
I am a member of 11F and cannot wait to see all of the house competitions restart. My ambitions as a Head Student are to start new founded support groups and clubs to ensure the mental and physical support of the pupils while providing a fun and insightful environment.
I do not have many hobbies but I do enjoy horse riding. I have a strong passion for drama and I am very excited for the upcoming productions to meet more of my fellow students and help people grow more confident and find what they love.
Feel free to ask me any questions and come say hi! It’s great to see you all!