Prospective Head Students Campaign for Pupils’ Votes

Published April 30, 2024

On Monday 29th April, six prospective Head Students took to the stage to give their campaign speeches to the whole school. Every pupil from all year groups listened to what each candidate had to say, and there was a great atmosphere in the hall!

The six Year 10 pupils came with a range of ideas, from fundraising for new facilities to organising new school clubs. They each gave a passionate speech and impressively answered questions from the audience at the end.

Mrs Barratt (leader of Pupil Parliament), Mr McParland (Interim Headteacher), and Miss Moss (Head of Year 9 & 10) with the six prospective Head Students

All year groups will have a chance to vote for their preferred candidate this week, and results will be announced soon. Whoever is elected to the post, we’re sure each and every pupil will do an excellent job as our school’s next Head Students!

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