Our St Joseph’s Day Celebration with St Osmund’s Parish

Published March 22nd, 2024Written by Dcn. Steve Godwin

On the Feast of St. Joseph, the St. Osmund’s Parish and St. Joseph’s Catholic School came together in a display of unity and collaboration.

Led by Fr. Anthony and supported by Dcn. Steve, a heart-warming Mass was celebrated in the school, and attended by parishioners, students, governors, and staff. A highlight of the event was the presentation of the cherished St. Joseph statue from the Holy Redeemer Church to our school, symbolizing a passing of tradition to the younger generation and fostering a connection between past and present.

Fr. Anthony in an impassioned homily emphasized the statue’s rich history of veneration since the church’s inception in 1960, highlighting the significance of entrusting it to our young people. This gesture represents a passing of the torch, fostering a deep connection between tradition and the next generation.

In addition to students and staff, governors and parish members joined the celebration, enhancing the sense of community and shared purpose. Following the presentation, everyone gathered for tea and refreshments in the school canteen, further fostering bonds and community spirit.

John McParland, interim school head, emphasized the importance of youth participation in the liturgy and decision-making process regarding the statue’s placement, reflecting the harmonious collaboration between Parish and School.

This joint effort underscores our shared commitment to nurturing faith and fellowship. The handcrafted plinth, built by a member of the school staff, and positioned at the entrance, was chosen by pupils and stands as a symbol of dedication and pride, inspiring reverence for all who enter.

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