Weekly Update: 11th March 2022

Published March 11, 2022

It’s been another brilliant week in school this week. We’ve been celebrating National Careers Week with staff sharing their previous jobs with pupils, an informative and question provoking presentation from Catherine Brown from Buckingham Contracting Group (coinciding nicely with International Women’s Day!), a Year 11 Geography field trip to Swanage, the resumption of House Competitions (starting with Dodgeball today!) and also the resumption of mixed year group clubs (there was an intense futsal club being contested by Year 9, 10 and 11 Thursday after school)!


Dominating the news at the moment is the conflict in Ukraine and the tragic events unfolding in the country. Our chaplaincy team, and also many pupils in school, have been putting a great deal of thought into what we can do to support and help those who are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and also those who are choosing to remain in Ukraine. It is a real sense of pride to see our pupils living out the Gospel values and wanting to show compassion and love to their neighbour (no matter how far away they are). As a school we will be doing the following:

Accepting donations of blankets, sleeping bags, sanitary pads, shampoo, toothbrushes, tooth paste, nappies, pillows (new) which will be shipped out to those in need using organisations local to Salisbury.

Raising funds by:

  • hosting a beat the goalie / sponge a teacher day on Friday 18th March at lunchtime
  • hosting a bake sale on Friday 25th March at lunchtime
  • hosting a non-uniform day on Friday 8th April

Year 11 

Following a conversation with a colleague today, it struck us that this is the first full school year (in terms of being physically on site) that Year 11 have had since they were in year 8! They only have 6 school weeks left until the exams start! We are firm believers here of rather than counting the days, making the days count!

As such, there are lots of intervention and revision classes being offered before and after school and also at lunchtimes. There will also be 4 days worth of revision sessions happening in the second week of the Easter holidays for the year group. We want to make sure that they are as well prepared as they can be for the return of public exams for the first time in two years.  

This week, Year 11 pupils have also been given a card to stamp when they arrive at their revision/intervention sessions and these stamps will work towards the reward of earning a place to go to Thorpe Park in late June once all the exams are finished.

We’re also delighted to confirm that Prom will return this year too and will be held at Salisbury Race Course on 30th June!

Next week is also the beginning of a two week mock exam window to help prepare the pupils.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening: Wednesday 23rd March

Appointments are being booked up for the Year 8 parents evening with over half of the year group filling up appointments. Please do logon to SchoolCloud to make your appointments if you have not done so already.

PE Clubs

This half term’s PE clubs are as follows:

  • Tuesday Lunch: GCSE Dance 
  • Tuesday after School: Year 7 & 8 footballTrampolining – all year groups
  • Wednesday after school: Year 9 Basketball, Netball – all year groups
  • Thursday before school: Table Tennis club
  • Thursday lunch: Year 7 & 8 Rugby (week 1), Year 9-11 Rugby (week 2)
  • Thursday after school: Year 9-11 Football
  • Friday after school: Year 10 & 11 Basketball

Please see this page for updates regarding extra-curricular clubs.

The Big Sleep Update

It was a real privilege and pleasure to be involved in The Big Sleep once again last Friday evening. We took our largest number of Big Sleepers (57 in total) and it looks like we’ll also be raising our largest amount of funds too! At the latest reckoning we think we’ll be raising around about £4,000 which is absolutely phenomenal!

There are a few photos on our Twitter feed (@sjcssalisbury) and also we feature prominently in the gallery from Salisbury Journal! A special shout out goes out to all the car washers this week from Year 10 & 11 who have been doing an outstanding job washing staff cars! “We scrub so that you can shine” is our motto!

Achievement Points Race

No change at the top, but I’m predicting big things for Teresa House over the next few weeks!

  • 1st Place: Margaret House with 34,831 points
  • 2nd Place: Vincent House with 32,679 points
  • 3rd Place: Teresa House with 31,519 points
  • 4th Place: Francis House with 28,280 points


Please join with us in prayer for the people of Ukraine:

Loving God,

We pray for the people of Ukraine,
for all those suffering or afraid,
that you will be close to them and protect them.

We pray for world leaders,
for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.

We pray for the world
that in this moment of crisis,
we may reach out in solidarity
to our brothers and sisters in need.

May we walk in your ways
so that peace and justice
become a reality for the people of Ukraine
and for all the world.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Rooney

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