Weekly Update: 21st January 2022

Published January 24, 2022

So, a new week brings more new guidance from the government.  I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we often receive information regarding schools and the measures we have to take at the same time as it breaks in the press.  That means we often hear the news on measures at the same time you do!

As you will be aware, the government has announced that masks are no longer expected in classrooms but will be expected to be used in communal areas up until next Wednesday.  As a school, we cautiously welcome the move to remove masks in the classroom as it makes teaching and learning so much easier!

However, we do recognise that some pupils and staff would still like to wear masks for their safety and protection, and as such we will allow this to happen, but it will not be an expectation.  Masks in communal areas will, however, remain a requirement until further notice.

Year 11 Revision / Intervention Timetable

The government are also due to announce plans for public exams this summer.  We have been informed that at the beginning of February they will advise on topics that will be covered in exams (for some subjects) and any further advice for the exam season.  We have already been given a provisional draft exam timetable and as soon as this is confirmed, we will distribute to pupils to help them prepare.

Mrs Barratt and Mr Morris have been working hard to put together a revision & intervention timetable for year 11 pupils to ensure they can make the most of their time at school.  This can be found at the bottom of this page.

Homework Timetables & Show My Homework

As you are aware, we started a new timetable in January and as such the old HW timetables from last term will be out of date.  The HW timetables have been re-done and the current up to date versions can be found here. Pupils will also be given a new homework timetable sticker for their planners.

We’d also like to remind you that HW club happens every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Room 26 after school for an hour.

In addition, if your child is having any issues logging into SMHW, please encourage them to click the ‘login with Office 365’ option.  They will then be asked to input their school email address (firstname.surname@sjcs.org.uk) and then the password that they use to access the computers at school.  This is the easiest way of logging in if they cannot remember their specific Satchel One passwords.

Work when Self-Isolating

Thankfully, cases at school are still well below the national average, but we do have some children self-isolating.  With this in mind, this is a reminder that, if pupils are well enough to tackle the work, they can access tasks via assignments in Teams. Visiting the ‘Getting Started’ part on this page will help you to access the learning if needs be.

Justice Assemblies

The last two weeks have seen us examine the value of Justice in our assemblies.  Last week we looked at the Bible for examples of Justice and explored the theme through the Parable of the Good Samaritan and Parable of the Sheep and Goats.

This week, we delved into looking at how we can be the voices that bring justice into our world.  We explored the segregation in the USA of the 1960s and the system of Apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s and 90s and saw how ordinary people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela stood up and made their voices heard to bring about justice.  We encouraged the young people in our care to speak out and stand up for the injustices they see in the world.

The Big Sleep

One injustice in our world is homelessness.  200,000 people in our country do not have a place to call home and as a school we can stand up and do something about this.  In March, providing restrictions allow, we will be supporting Alabaré’s Big Sleep and any pupils over 14 years of age will be invited to join us ‘sleeping rough’ at the Cathedral – more details to follow soon!

Achievement Points Race

No change at the top!

  • 1st place = Margaret with 26,761 points
  • 2nd place = Vincent with 25,420 points
  • 3rd place = Teresa with 23,824 points
  • 4th place = Francis with 21,673 points

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Rooney

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