Weekly Update: 5th May 2023

Published May 5, 2023

With the Bank Holiday and Industrial Action Day at the beginning of this week, most pupils had a 3-day week!  However, those 3 days were packed full!

Busy 3 Days!

On Tuesday evening we had the Barcelona Trip Information Evening resulting in much excitement amongst both pupils and staff! This week we’ve also seen the continuation of Project Rejuvenate where our selected Year 9 pupils were building dens and fishing!  In addition, this week, our Year 11 GCSE Spanish and French pupils have had their speaking examinations, Year 7 have had their first parents’ evening (and what a positive one it was too!), our budding actors have had two rehearsals for the summer production, and we’ve decked out the canteen in Union Jack bunting to commemorate the weekend’s coronation!

Speaking of the coronation, we’ve also shared a presentation explaining what the coronation is and a little bit about the history of coronation – this will also be uploaded to our website soon!

Thursday was a particularly busy day this week with four big events happening:

  • Year 7 & 8 mass celebrating English Martyrs
  • Area Sports held at South Wilts Grammar School 
  • Alter Ego drama company performing for Year 9 & 10 pupils
  • Exam Stress Workshop for Year 11 pupils

Area Sports

Area Sports was a fabulous day for some of our athletes at school; there were some very impressive performances, but special mention goes to two Year 10 boys – Thomas and Curtis for winning golds!  Thomas won gold in 1500m with a time of 4:36 mins and Curtis won 100m (11:51 seconds – a new personal best!) and the 200m (23:34 seconds).  We’re super proud of everyone who took part and represented the school!  Well done!

Alter Ego Drama Company

Alter Ego drama company gave a very informative and thought-provoking performance about sexism on Thursday afternoon.  It was a hard-hitting drama very tastefully done and examined the impact of ‘banter’, stereotypes, and the language we use on people.  The pupils I spoke to after the performance were certainly moved and took on board the main teaching points of the performance.

End of Year Exams Information

This week, Years 7-10 have had assemblies on End of Year Exams.  In the assemblies, we shared effective revision strategies (in particular flashcards and practise testing) and we also emphasised the importance of being organised!  To help with this, we are currently working on revision guides which will be shared on Satchel One and the school website so that all pupils have guidance on which topics to revise for which subject and also revision planners to help them schedule and organise their revision.

The exam window for Year 10 will be before work experience and will begin Monday 12th June for 2 weeks

The exam window for Years 7-9 will be two weeks beginning Monday 19th June.

Coming Up Next Week


  • House Assemblies: Holiness

Monday 8th May

  • Bank Holiday – school closed for all

Tuesday 9th May

  • Yr7: NFU careers in agriculture and the food industry.  
  • Drama production rehearsal every Tuesday after-school until 4.30pm  
  • Project Rejuvenate with selected Yr9 pupils 
  • Yr11 Intervention: English / Food Tech 
  • HW Club after school

Wednesday 10th May

  • HW Club after school  
  • Athletics Club after school 
  • Yr11 Intervention: ICT 

Thursday 11th May

  • KS3 lunch – Women’s world cup quiz prep – room 11 
  • Drama production rehearsal every Thursday after-school until 4.30pm 
  • Yr11 Intervention: PD/Music 
  • HW Club before and after school

Friday 12th May

  • Year 11 BTEC Component 3 NEA Assessment 
  • Arts University Bournemouth will be coming into school to talk to Year 7 & 8 about careers in the Creative Arts Industry. 
  • My profile session – Wessex Inspiration programme for Year 10
  • Yr11 Intervention: PE 

Achievement Points Race

  • 1st place: Margaret House 29,182 points
  • 2nd place: Vincent House 27,411 points
  • 3rd place: Teresa House 26,099 points
  • 4th place: Francis House 25,247 points

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoy the coronation!

Mr Rooney

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