Happiest Minute of the Week: 31st October–4th November 2022

Published November 4, 2022

Every week, our staff send in their submissions for the Happiest Minute of the Week. These can be anything from a whole class behaving well, to the small and kind gestures that make someone’s day!

All of these Happiest Minutes are then presented to the whole school every Friday by Mr Ford and Mr Bartel (or pupils who volunteer to host!) in the weekly rewards raffle.

As part of our ethos here at St Joseph’s, we love to share kindness, gratitude and positivity. So without further ado, here are this week’s nominations for Happiest Minute of the Week!

Happiest Minutes of the Week

Mrs Nobis:

  • CW (10M) for giving up her seat on the bus for a Year 7 student.
  • Eagle-eyed Mrs Thorne for finding Mrs Nobis’ cross necklace on the last day before half term.
  • Miss Clark, our media whizz, for getting many LGBTQ+ books donated to the school through her Twitter request!
  • Mr Ball for inventive and valid use of Haribo Tangfastics in PSHE on Monday with the mighty 10F.
  • LC (8F) for embodying the spirit of St Joseph’s, and BH (8F) for being kind.

Mr Bartel:

  • JR (8M) for being superbly polite and engaging every time he has been for uniform recently.
  • NH (11T) for supporting a younger student and generally getting on even though luck hasn’t really been on her side recently.
  • ACM (11V), LP (11M) and GB (10M) for being wonderful uniform prefect legends.
  • EG (11V) for a great start to the year, fantastic manners and a very good goal that I saw at lunch today.

Mrs Rose & Miss Brignall:

  • PH (7T) for being kind to a friend in need.

Mr Valjak:

  • Mr Daniel – teacher of Science and co-tutor of 11T – lovely to see him back!
  • DB (9V) for his detailed explanation of Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’.

Mrs Goulding:

  • Well done to all those who took part in the GCSE Dance workshop. It was a lot of fun and you have produced some incredible performances already! Keep it up!

Miss Clark:

  • RH (7T) for his great start as our library assistant this week. It’s nice to have a chat at break time and to get little jobs done that we otherwise don’t have time to do!
  • Everyone who came to the first LGBTQ+ Club meeting at break time today and the lovely prefects who have organised it. It was great to see so many of you there, and we’re very excited to get it going!

Mr Bazen:

  • RH (7T) – congratulations on a fantastic first week back!
  • EM (9M) for completing a climb in the half-term holidays!

Mrs Jackson:  

  • Well done to the following students for making good progress in Maths on chapter 2 Algebra: CG, LC (9F), LR, AS (9V), JL and LB (9M).
  • WW (8V), CT (8T), LF (8V), and LD (8V) for brilliant test results in Maths for Chapter 5 – well done.
  • Very happy that Mrs Henry is dragging me to do exercise classes.
  • A huge thank you to Mr James for putting my classroom shelves up.

Mrs Foster:

  • JW (8V) for coming in full uniform today – when I said how smart he was, he had the biggest smile on his face and it was lovely to see how proud he looked with the comment.
  • OD (10F) for taking himself out of a bad situation, doing lots of work, and being so pleased with it that at the end of the lesson he went to show Mr Morris.

Mrs Marshall:

  • TD, AY (10F), TB (10M), and RC (10V) for being delightful, hardworking, helpful students.

Mr Rooney:

  • JW, BR, HD (11M), FW (11V), MJ, HG (11F), MJ and AC (11T) for hitting or beating their targets in their latest RE assessment!

Well done everyone for a first full week back after half term. Let’s make next week as great as this one!

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