Weekly Update: 17th March 2023

Published March 17, 2023

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

The Big Sleep

A week ago today, 70 of us were readying ourselves for a night sleeping rough in the Cloisters at the Cathedral.  We’d seen the forecast of temperatures plummeting to minus one and accordingly wrapped up warm and took extra blankets.  On arrival we were cheerfully greeted by the Alabaré staff as we made our way to our ‘bedroom’ for the night.  As our group was so big, we had one whole side of the Cloister reserved especially for the St Joseph’s team!

Expectedly, the excitement levels were high as pupils and staff set up camp for the night and compared roll mats/cardboard and in some cases portable mattresses!  

An hour or so after arrival, the evening was blessed by the Dean of the Cathedral, and we were reminded of the purpose of the Big Sleep and the immensely valuable work that Alabaré does to help the homeless in our area and further afield.

We were then treated to the wonderful sounds of a Fijian choir to which our pupils responded by dancing the Macarena to some of their songs!  This was the cue for an impromptu Fijian dance class led by the male members of the Fijian choir!  Fabulous to see the enjoyment and smiles on all parties’ faces!

Following the excellent performances, a Big Sleep first spontaneously occurred – St Joseph’s pupils and Stonehenge pupils had a well-spirited dance-off and karaoke session!  Thankfully this fizzled out half an hour before lights out!

When the lights went down, a darkness and peace descended on the Cloisters as the reality of sleeping rough started to bite; the difficulty in finding a comfortable position to sleep in, the challenge of sleeping for more than 30-40 minutes before waking again, the cold nipping at your exposed face and the sense of vulnerability all bringing home why we were taking part in The Big Sleep.

On waking in the morning, we were all grateful of being able to go home and warm up (especially as the snow began to fall) but very mindful that for those who sleep rough don’t have this opportunity.

Thank you for your generous support – as a school we are on course to raise over £6,000 for the charity which will be put to good use by Alabaré.

Year 11 This Week

It’s been another week disjointed by industrial action, but we’ve maximised the time we’ve had with Year 11 on these days.  We’re delighted with Year 11’s attitude and application on these days and think that they’ve secretly enjoyed being the only year group in school!  They’ve taken part in final Drama GCSE Practical assessments, sat a Science mock and had a session on study skills as well as their normal timetabled lessons.

As we approach exam season, we’d like to remind you of the help and support available on our revision page. Here you will find study skills sessions for parents (a set of brief videos helping you as parents navigate the revision minefield), tips on revising and other useful resources.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Next Wednesday from 4:30pm – 7pm we are hosting a virtual parents’ evening for Year 9.  If possible, please attend with your child.  This will be an excellent opportunity for you to speak with your child’s teachers to find out how they have started with their GCSE subjects and how they can further progress.  To make your appointments please click here.

Coming Up Next Week

Assemblies led by SLT on St Joseph’s expectations and uniform

Monday 20th March: St Joseph’s Day!

  • Year 10 Interview Prep Day 
  • Voluntary Mass to celebrate St Joseph’s Day – P1 
  • School Photographer in – Year 11 photos & Sports Team Photos 
  • Year 11 Intervention: History & Geography

Tuesday 21st March:

  • Lunch: KS3 Chaplaincy Council, 4B KS4 Chaplaincy Council in Rm25 
  • HW Club after school 
  • After school Year 7 & 8 football club 
  • Year 11 Intervention: Art & RE 

Wednesday 22nd March:

  • Year 7 & 8 Basketball in hall before school  
  • Salisbury School Book awards – 15 pupils AM at South Wilts 
  • HW Club after school – cancelled due to parents evening 
  • Year 9 & 10 football club after school (NBR)  
  • Gym Club – hall CMO  
  • Year 9 Parents Evening: click here to access your appointments
  • Year 11 Intervention: Science  

Thursday 23rd March:

  • Before school: HW Club  
  • GCSE Dance Practical Exam 
  • Table Tennis before school – hall  
  • Year 11 Intervention: Maths  

Friday 24th March:

  • Year 9 Bath Spa University Trip – selected pupils 
  • Breaktime: Inclusivity Alliance Rm5 – All Welcome 
  • Year 9 Basketball Hall (DBA) 

Coming up later in the term:

  • Last day of term: Year 11 Dance-Off House Competition
  • Final Week of term: Progress reports distributed

Achievement Points Race

  • 1st Place: Margaret House: 25,670 points
  • 2nd Place: Vincent House: 24,239 points
  • 3rd Place: Teresa House: 22,995 points
  • 4th Place: Francis House: 21,376 points

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Rooney

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