Happiest Minute of the Week: 6th–10th March 2023

Published March 13, 2023

Every week, our staff send in their submissions for the Happiest Minute of the Week. These can be anything from a whole class behaving well, to the small and kind gestures that make someone’s day!

All of these Happiest Minutes are then presented to the whole school every Friday by Mr Bartel and Mr Ford (or pupils who volunteer to host!) in the weekly rewards raffle.

As part of our ethos here at St Joseph’s, we love to share kindness, gratitude and positivity. So without further ado, here are this week’s nominations for Happiest Minute of the Week!

Happiest Minutes of the Week

Mrs Nobis:

  • Year 10 PE for getting on with it and helping a classroom teacher cope in the Hall.
  • Mrs O’ Grady for being kind and helpful and supporting Year 11.

Miss Brignall:

  • MW (7F) for being a kind person and a great friend!

MW (7F):

  • I would like to nominate Mr Inglis for always being very kind and a very good teacher.

Mr Bartel:

  • FW (11V) for fantastic choice of snacks on DoE – Prawn Cocktail Pringles, the choice of the true professional.

Mrs Maher:

  • Mr and Mrs Inglis for the cookies gifted to the English department.

Mrs Rose:

  • LJ (7M) for being brave yesterday, and teaching me loads about lifeguarding.
  • Mr McGuinness for saving me and Miss Brignall from a coffee catastrophe.
  • Wishing a massive good luck to all the Big Sleepers tonight – Stay Warm!!

Mr Ball:

  • The Year 9/10 basketball team who have finally won a game beating Trafalgar. Finally not finished second in every game.

Ms Shuttleworth:

  • EF (8F) for a brilliant hinge question response in History. A fantastic understanding shown – well done.
  • LPS (8T) for completing all classwork and extension tasks in history this week. Great work.
  • KR (9M) for smashing her target in the recent History assessment.

Miss Rooney:

  • Mrs Barratt for being supportive and an awesome human being – you brightened my morning!

Mr Valjak:

  • AL (7F) for his excellent engagement in lessons and the probing questions he asks.
  • Mr Bartel for his reminders for HMOTW and to focus on the positives 🙂

Mr Sibley:

  • 2 worthy nominations this week after a fantastic cook this morning. RB (10V), and JB (10T).

MFL Department Learning Legends:

  • LJ (7M), DC (7T) for amazing vocabulary recall.
  • ER (8V) for a great model answer to a 40-word task.
  • NO (8M) for continued amazing effort.

Geography Learning Legends:

  • BR (7M) for his showmanship and fantastic water cycle rap performance.
  • MH (7V) for being brave and starting off the water cycle rap performances.
  • PH (7T) for always being so helpful in class by getting textbooks and handing things out.
  • LB (10V) for always showing enthusiasm and willingness in class.

Well done everyone – see you next week!

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