Weekly Update: 28th January 2022

Published January 28, 2022

There’s been a definite change in the weather; we’ve certainly gone from near Baltic and grey conditions at the start of the week to almost spring like warmth and blue skies at the end of the week – let’s hope that this is a mirrored in our emerging from the darkness of the latest covid wave to the light of hope as restrictions further ease.


As you know from last week’s update, we have now lifted the requirement to wear masks (although we still recommend it) in lessons (making teaching and learning much easier and meaning we can see all the lovely smiles and facial reactions to our teaching!).

The expectation remains, however, for pupils and staff to wear masks in communal areas such as the corridors and the canteen.  Whilst our cases are relatively low in school, there are still some members of our community who have tested positive, and we are well aware that we are not quite out of the woods yet.  This is why we are exercising caution – we want to ensure that we can offer the safest and fullest education possible in these current times.

Restrictions & Risk Assessment Reviews

We are constantly reviewing our measures and risk assessment, and this includes looking at the possibility of re-opening the canteen for pupils and staff to sit and eat in and also considering competitive fixtures against other schools.  When we feel it is safe to resume these, we will, of course, communicate this with you.

Please do continue to test twice weekly so that we can all play our part to keep the school as covid-free as possible.

Happiest Minute of the Week

Each Friday, we close the week by sharing the happiest moments of the week – an opportunity for staff to celebrate and share the small things that make a difference and also great things that pupils and colleagues do throughout the week!

Scroll towards the bottom of the school website’s homepage to see the affirmations and celebrations! https://sjcs.org.uk/

Careers Update

InvestIn’s parent event series is designed to give parents the essential tools they’ll need to support their child on their career journey. Events are run by leading experts and are free to attend. Please see the InvestIn website for more details and how to register for the sessions on offer.  These include:

Holocaust Memorial Day

This week saw the commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day – we were lucky enough to have over 30 Year 9 pupils attend a webinar hosted by the Holocaust Education Trust where pupils heard the story of a holocaust survivor’s mother’s experiences.  Additionally, on Thursday during PHSE lessons, all pupils were exposed to a range of age-appropriate Holocaust Memorial Day resources.

Table Tennis Tournament

On Wednesday, a joint Year 10 & 11 table tennis team progressed to the semi-finals of a local schools’ tournament – they narrowly missed out on qualifying for the regional finals but can hold their heads high following some excellent shots and games!

Project Generation Green – Wild Wellbeing

Three weeks ago, we began Project Generation Green where selected pupils have the opportunity to enhance their wellbeing by attending various ‘green’ sites around our local area.  So far, the group have been to Blashford Lakes and Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary.

They have had the chance to take part in lots of mindfulness activities and connect with nature; they have climbed trees, created ‘sound maps’, and most recently this week identified birds on Blashford lakes which ties in nicely with the RSPB’s annual Birdwatch this weekend!

RSPB & Yr11

As part of the RSPB annual birdwatch, Year 11 had the opportunity in PHSE on Thursday to do some bird spotting, build a bird feeder and appreciate the nature we have around school – a welcome break from the pressures of GCSE and revision!

House Points Race

  • 1st: Margaret House
  • 2nd: Vincent House
  • 3rd: Teresa House
  • 4th: Francis House

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Rooney

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