Important Results Day Update – 12th August 2021

Published July 20, 2021

This year, there will be some changes to our usual results’ day. The tradition is that all students attend school to collect their results and interact with friends and teachers. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances that we find ourselves in, this will not be able to take place in the same way.

Results day this year is being held on 12th August, and each student will be allocated a time slot for when you will need to attend school.

We will be welcoming you in to the school in an alphabetical fashion at the following times:

A-C 8:30am – 8:40am

D-G 8:50am – 9:00am

H-M 9:10am – 9:20am

N-S 9:30am – 9:40am

T-Z 9:50am – 10:00am

Due to this change, we kindly ask that as soon as you have collected your results you leave the school site immediately to allow for the next time slot to collect their results safely and on time.

Once you have collected your results, you will be able to use an online form to book a telephone appointment should you have any queries regarding your results or your next steps. This form will go live at 9:30am on results day.

If you are unable to attend the time slot that has been allocated, we will post your results to you. Results will be sent first class and should arrive within 1-2 working days providing the postal service is running as usual.

In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding results or exams, you can contact Miss Ryder (Exams Officer) at

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy your summer!

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